your Gold seminar

72.00 inc. VAT

We can make a ring, a neckpiece hanged from a chain or a string or a pair of earrings.
The weight of gold is usually ranging between 4- 9 grams and you can use 9K, 14K, and 18K. Today’s approximate price of 24K is 56,30 euros per gram (4grams =18K/168eu, 14K/130eu, 9K/89eu + vat)
Share with me your idea (if you have one) and choose the carats. I will have to order your metal piece first and then we go together to purchase the gold inside the historic jewelry quarter of Athens.
The jewelry piece that we are going to make is in 2 dimensions so we can accomplish it in about 2,5 hours.
The walk to the shop takes 4 minutes and the service inside the shop about 10 minutes. Consider this time as an additional time before we start. As soon as we arrive back at the workshop we will transfer your idea on the metal, cut it out and shape it up. We can stump numbers, letters, and shapes, create textures and at last smoothen up the metal’s surface and polish it.
You can call it “My precious Athenian keepsake” or ” the keepsake for my love one”
Very important: The date’s and time’s for reservation inside the calender are only typical, you need to place a reservation in advance and please communicate with me your ideal time or day.

The metal is precious! We are going to make the best use of it. Any leftovers will belong to you.

The price dosen’t include the gold metal.

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