Byzantine karavolakia neckpiece

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A different approach to the Byzantine empire.

Its’ remainings are visible everywhere here, in Greece, therefore it is almost unavoidable not to get influenced in some way. It was a great challenge for us to “translate” this ancient byzantine beauty into a contemporary form. If you take a walk in Athens, take a closer look at the byzantine churches: the daisy was a very popular decorative element on walls and icons and this is why we decided to transform our already existing “Belle Helene” flower into a byzantine piece of art.

As all the pieces of ancient byzantine art we have observed show – inevitably-signs of their age,we decided to make our byzantine collection looking as “handcrafted” as possible, like a piece of art which managed to survive through the centuries still looking beautiful despite its signs of age. We hope you will enjoy wearing your Byzantine Art necklace and attract many compliments!