Keep it simple

Dear friends from all around the world,
I am delighted to present you with our first blog.

The main aim of this intro is to convey the source of our inspiration and to emphasize the main elements that highlight and complete our brand.

We have invested a lot of time, effort and our most positive energy into creating and progressing our jewellery business (and believe me, it has not been easy).

The idea simply sprung from a very interesting chat we had with a professional tour guide. For those of you who don’t know, our cute jewellery workshop is located in Syntagma, in the heart of Athens.

Safe to say, that we are in the epicentre of the tourist ‘invasion’, Greek gastronomy, shopper’s paradise and architectural innovation that ranges from all times. We are basically in the middle of the Athenian “Renaissance”, following on from the tough years of austerity, that have definitely left their mark.

Delightfully, we have customers from all over the world; and when they come to us to shop/order our jewellery, we end up chatting away (like us Greeks do), with a cup of coffee.

It is rather touching and endearing that amongst the various comments that our foreign guests come out with, there’s always something to be said about the notorious Greek hospitality.

Our visitors are quite surprised that even in a big, hectic city like Athens, they experience the warmth of the local people and are made to feel so welcome; they are made to feel at home.
During our conversation with our tour guide friend, the Greek expression ‘water and salt’ was mentioned.

This saying goes way back to ancient times. Essentially, water and salt was offered from a host to their guest, as a symbol of friendship and solidarity. These two elements were and still are the most precious offerings from a Greek host to a guest. A Greek will not offer what he/she has but simply what he/she is…..

In other words, we open our souls, we are honest, we are real.

We keep it simple.

Simplicity, however, can be quite difficult to achieve. Simplicity, is not easy to understand and often needs a trained eye, ear, and soul to appreciate it.

Simplicity, is the ultimate form of sophistication.

After all, was it not simplicity that the entire Ancient Greek civilization was built on?? The famous ‘keep it simple’ quote, is not just an expression; there is an entire philosophy behind it.

And to wrap up dear friends, we have chosen a quote, somebody famous once said: “As rough and tough our world is, don’t forget to see the beauty in simple things, taking a minute to enjoy”…..

Simplicity inspires our designs. Keep it simple. Life is beautiful…